Magneta Trailers Inc.

American made Trailers & Hitch products for 25 years - 20,000 trailers on the road since 1995 - AAA+ Rating with the BBB -  Hit the road with your outdoor gear and get to your favorite spot easier & quicker with Magneta Trailers.

We manufacture, sell and provide fitment information for Canoe trailers, Kayak trailers, PWC trailers, Motorcycle trailers, Boat trailers, Catamaran trailers, ATV trailers, Bicycle trailers, Scooter trailers, Trailer Accessories & Receiver Hitch Accessories - We also make conversion kits to allow Thule & Yakima products to fit our trailers, We will be happy to provide you with information about installing your roof rack product onto our trailers.

Why should you do business with Magneta Trailers? Its simple, our M.P.T. {Multi Purpose Trailer} Trailer Chassis allows for the easy set up of Combination Trailers to carry a combination of most of your Sports &  Power Sports gear at the same time. Think of our M.P.T. Trailer Chassis as a giant erector set for transporting your toys. See the video and info below.

We can set up a combo trailer to meet your custom needs.


Have 4 kayaks & up to 4 bikes - No problem

Have 2 kayaks, 1 canoe & up to 4 bikes - No problem

Have 2 canoes & up to 4 bikes - No problem

The combinations of our M.P.T. Chassis {MPT = Multi Purpose Trailer} are almost endless, add kayaks saddles, kayak stackers, canoe gunnel saddles, bike racks, SUP board racks, motorcycle, dirt bike  & ATV channels,  PWC bunks & bow stop,  8 foot utility trailer kits.  

We can do the same as above with our double wide M.P.T. Chassis. 


Have 2 PWC'S & 2 kayaks - No problem

Have 1 PWC & 1 street bike - No problem

Have 2 Dirt bikes & 1 street bike - No problem

All the same accessories & attachments that fit our single wide M.P.T. Chassis also fits our double wide M.P.T. Chassis.

Here is a customers trailer who is both an avid Cyclist & Kayaker that set his kayak trailer up to carry both his kayak, bikes and accessories using our M.P.T. trailer with our 4 foot tongue extender needed because of the length of tandem kayak,  a saddle system to hold the kayak, bike racks for the bikes. Plus he farther customized his trailer by adding extra cross members to retro fit his roof rack rocket box for paddles.  We have Options to reuse & retro fit most of your Thule & Yakima products to our trailer. 



Testimonial from our client

"Your trailer was a very pleasant experience. I was afraid the lightness of the trailer might result in a fair amount of sway, especially when unloaded; but it didn’t. It seemed very stable and tracked well."

Hillary W.

Testimonial from our client

"Congratulations on a great product! I have really enjoyed putting it together, and am looking forward to the first “road trip” next weekend! I will send you pics when we have all six of the boats loaded."

Bob G.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to configure & price a trailer to suit your needs